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How to communicate your value after getting your business degree

How to communicate your value after getting your business degree

You've completed your new business degree, but how exactly will those newly developed skills translate into your career? Explaining to your boss why a bachelor's or master's degree can benefit your career and the organization as a whole may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. Letting your employer know about your degree can make you a desirable candidate for a promotion, raise or more responsibility within your organization. Taking your education further can help set you apart professionally, and our students can attest to this. Here are some tips to communicate the value of your newly acquired skills to your current boss (even if your next performance review isn't for a little while) or a potential employer:

Be a good listener – Remember that this conversation with your boss or your future employer is a two-way conversation. Make sure you listen to what your boss or potential employer has to say so you can best answer their questions. Think like a marketer. You want your message to appeal to your target audience, and you also want to be an engaged and active participant in the conversation.

Communicate clearly – One of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to communicate their value is that they don't provide enough information. Give your boss or potential employer the full picture about why your skills are valuable and how they make you qualified for a promotion or more responsibilities. Back up any statements you make.

Slow down – Don't rush. Make sure you speak slowly and calmly so you can effectively demonstrate your skills. Sometimes we speak too quickly without realizing it and people have a hard time keeping up. Try taking a deep breath every time you begin a new thought. It'll subconsciously help you slow down.

Have some examples ready – Using examples of your work or expertise is a great way to illustrate your skills. Show your boss or future employer what you can do by offering examples of projects or tasks you worked on, explaining how you handled them and outlining the results you achieved. Did you lead a team that generated $1 million in sales? Great — show them how.

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