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Educational Partner FAQ

Why Cambridge College Global?

Cambridge College Global (CCG) emphasizes industry-relevant curriculum; practitioner faculty; and the development of the soft-skills employers value, alongside the hard skills required in a variety of careers and professions. Within CCG, New England Institute of Business at Cambridge College Global focuses on business and finance programs. It was founded in 1909 by the New England banking industry and evolved to provide affordable education to working adults at the master’s, bachelor’s, and associate degree levels.

Many of our graduates report that, as a result of their education, they have been able to perform more effectively in their job.

More than 300 companies and organizations — in New England and beyond — value the educational benefits the College delivers to its employees.

Shelly Sequin, Graduate

“The tuition is very competitive; the partnership makes it even more affordable.”

Shelly Sequin, Graduate
Master of Business Ethics & Compliance

Why partner with us?

Cambridge College Global specializes in educating working professionals at all stages of the career lifecycle. This improves employee satisfaction, enhances retention and attracts new talent to the organization. Our online learning platform is designed to meet the needs of busy adults. We offer your employees and their immediate family members 25% tuition savings

We provide Educational Partners access to a personal representative to make it easy for you to offer and internally promote the educational benefit.

What makes us different from other educators?

We have maintained a focus and commitment through decades as an educator for the employees of our educational partners. As such, we understand how to successfully educate and train students in the often-challenging area of business. Our online courses are accessible, affordable, relevant and focused on the industry’s needs.

Instructors at Cambridge College Global come from a blend of seasoned business practitioners and academic researchers. The faculty ensures that our students receive instruction in both theoretical and practical approaches to the knowledge they will need to succeed—whether advancing or just starting in a career.

Will you help us get the word out to our employees?

Yes. We believe strongly that Cambridge College Global is a win-win for both your organization and your employees. We’ll assist you in the communication of this unique benefit with marketing materials, student advising, visits from our marketing/admissions representatives, online course demonstrations and custom programs. We will work with your company to give you the best service possible.

How will my company be invoiced for the cost of tuition for our employees?

Partner companies that offer tuition reimbursement can set up direct invoicing with the College. We can send a single invoice for all of your employees' tuition each term. This flexibility allows tuition reimbursement/HR departments to cut one check for the cost of all employee tuition instead of one for every student. Because it eliminates an employee paying out-of-pocket, you are likely to find this method can be a strong incentive for taking on the challenge of additional education.


Join Us.

For more information about becoming a corporate partner, call the Director of Corporate Partnerships at (617) 603-6900.

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