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5 steps to building your personal brand on social media

5 steps to building your personal brand on social media

LinkedIn seems to be an obvious choice when developing your professional presence online, but what role do other social media outlets play? While it's generally regarded that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like are for more casual social media interactions, they can give you an edge by helping you develop your personal brand.

Just like Apple is identified by its simple and sleek products and Coca-Cola is defined by the color red, it is important to develop your own brand or identity online in order to stand out from competition. Here are some tips from our team at New England College of Business for how to use social media sites to your advantage and build a positive online presence.

1. Google yourself: Have you ever tried to Google yourself? What do you find? If you're finding pictures of yourself from Facebook, you might want to audit your social channels. Limiting privacy settings on Facebook can be a great way to ensure you aren't oversharing on social media or scaring away potential employers.

2. Have a great first impression: The bio or summary section on social media platforms is one of the most valuable assets of your profile. It allows you to show a little personality, talk about your qualifications and communicate your interests and goals, both professionally and personally, all in your own voice. Think of these sections as a place where you can put some personality and passion behind what it says on your résumé.

3. Make meaningful connections: Following companies on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram can be a great way to learn about the company culture, their goals and passions and also about the types of people who work there. Remember that when you're looking for jobs, it's not just skills that make or break a candidate's chances. Learning about the company and its employees shows that you align with the mission.

4. Create intellectual property: A great way to build your personal brand and have your name appear on web searches is to start a blog or personal website. Aside from writing about industry news in the field you're interested in, it's a great way to connect people to your résumé and social channels. Showing you have interests outside work also makes you more relatable to potential employers.

5. Be cognizant of what you're sharing: It's important to remember that anything you share on your social channels becomes public information. A good rule of thumb is to think about whether or not you would want your boss or a potential employer to see the post before you click submit. Even though social channels like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram are deemed as private accounts, nothing is private when it's on the internet.

How do you use social media sites to build your professional brand? Share your tips with @NECBedu on Twitter or post on Facebook orLinkedIn!

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