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How to Pay for Your Education as a Working Adult

How to Pay for Your Education as a Working Adult

Balancing work with attending classes and paying tuition can be a daunting task — and money is often a barrier to completing a degree. You don't have to go broke enhancing your personal or professional development. To ease the financial burden, students in adult education programs can find help through college financial aid programs.

College Financial Aid Options

Don't assume you don't qualify for student financial aid. Most federal and state assistance programs don't have age limits, and many do not require credit checks, grade point minimums or specific financial need. In addition, adult education programs often provide flexible payment plans for college financial aid. A few things to consider:

  • Apply for the Federal Pell Grant Program, Federal Stafford Loans and the Federal PLUS Loan Program. Based on life experience and qualifications, you may be eligible for a full scholarship or grants for degree programs.
  • Consult the school's financial aid office to discuss options. They may also point you to community or professional groups that offer college financial aid for adult education programs.
  • Many companies participate in tuition reimbursement programs by assisting with a tuition percentage.

New England College of Business is proud to be partnered with a number of organizations to make online adult education programs more affordable. Corporate Partnership program benefits include:

  • Access to New England College of Business preferred rates for employees and family members.
  • Arranged options for student financial aid.
  • Earned college credit for company training.
  • Accelerated courses in adult education programs.
  • Direct invoicing for partner companies.

New England College of Business strives to support individuals furthering their careers through adult education programs. Our online degree programs are affordable and designed to work well with the pressures of a working professional.

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