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November 2015 business news roundup: What you should know


As the holiday season approaches, November has seen an increased use of mobile buying platforms to help consumers shop online and determine whether their desired product is available for in-store purchase. Technology is also shaping the way human resource professionals administer healthcare plans, while reducing unnecessary or expensive office visits. On the international business front, Goldman Sachs reported this month that emerging markets could grow in the upcoming year, thereby improving the economy on a global scale.

National Retail Federation projects 46.1% increase in mobile purchasing

The takeaway: Digital marketers and business owners, be sure you're keeping mobile technology in mind when reaching your target consumer base: On the retail front, businesses with mobile buying platforms could see more revenue this holiday season than in years past, according to a survey from Prosper Insights and Analytics and the National Retail Federation (NRF). The NRF has been studying this trend for 10 years, and has projected an increase in mobile buying of 46.1 percent, following 44.4 percent in 2014. Perhaps the most relevant finding in this study is that 20.3 percent of smartphone users and 23.5 percent of tablet users will check to see if a store has a particular item before making an in-store purchase.

Telehealth surges as employers strive for more effective healthcare models

The takeaway: This month, we've seen a spike in the intersection of healthcare and technology, which is making it easier for businesses to provide healthcare to their employees as they strive for more effective models. The third-quarter earnings report of Teladoc, the first public telehealth company, shows a revenue increase of 83 percent, and the company has signed over 500 new accounts, including Starbucks and Mercedez Benz. These increases are indicative of new employment and healthcare administration trends, improving efficiency and effectiveness by connecting patients with doctors through online consultations, thus avoiding an unnecessary or overly expensive office visit.

Goldman Sachs predicts emerging markets will grow in 2016

The takeaway: International business students, pay attention to this one. After a three-year slump, Goldman Sachs Group Inc. predicts that emerging markets will see some growth in the upcoming year. Developing countries are expected to grow 4.9 percent, compared to 4.4 percent in 2015, the first growth prediction since 2010. According to Franklin Templeton, this could present international business opportunities that have been unavailable for decades.

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