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5 Reasons To Take a Leadership and Management Class

Continuing education is critical for anyone working in fast-growing and ever-changing business environments. It becomes even more important for middle- and senior-level managers who want to improve their professional skills and bolster their strategic capabilities. Check out our infographic for more info on the benefits of taking just one online management class:

Taking just one online college course may increase your business intelligence and help you get ahead, even if you don't want to pursue a degree.

5 Reasons to Take a Leadership and Management Class

3 Online Leadership and Management Classes To Take for Career Development

So, where should you start? Here are our recommendations for the top business ethics and compliance courses designed to help improve your knowledge and performance in your current career or as you look to transition to management role:

Principles of Management
This course investigates the way that managers get things done in an organization relying on the dynamic processes of strategic planning, business development, budgeting, and operations to move their organizations forward and achieve results. The concepts and skills needed to manage effectively under constantly changing conditions are identified. The course will review a manager's skill at influencing the direction and functioning of an organization and will develop students' appreciation of these management activities and their links to employee performance. Active involvement through lectures, discussion, videos, case studies, and group exercises is required of each student.

Strategic Marketing Management
The role of strategic marketing management is to help companies better understand customer preferences, link that knowledge to designing appropriate products and services for selected customers, and determine appropriate methods to communicate, to capture, and to deliver value. Successful firms are those that pursue objectives, employ resources, and invest in the future of an organization to consistently satisfy the needs of customers better than competitors. These ideas apply to both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations.

Managerial Finance
This course deals with managing business funds and planning their use to accomplish organizational objectives. The primary objective of this course is to introduce the fundamental skills required to manage the financial aspects of a business as well as create and maintain organizational value. The main topics include: time value of money; financial statement analysis; valuation concepts; Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC); capital budgeting techniques; uncertainty and trade-off between risk and return; and the Security Market Line (SML). A basic working knowledge of a financial calculator and/or Microsoft Excel is necessary to successfully complete the course.

With The Power of One at New England College of Business, we make it easy for you to take one of these classes or choose from many others to start advancing your knowledge and skills in leadership and management.

Here's how:

  • An award-winning learning platform tailored to suit working professionals
  • Five- to eight-week course completion times
  • No prerequisites (bachelor's degree required for graduate-level courses)
  • Course credits that may be applied to a degree program
  • No application fee

Ready to take an online class to advance your career in management? Learn more about online classes available from New England College of Business or call 800-997-1673 for more information.

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