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5 Reasons To Take a Human Resource Management Class

Continuing education is critical for anyone working in fast-growing and ever-changing business environments. It becomes even more important for the human resource professionals who recruit, hire, train and support employees in these dynamic environments. Check out our infographic for more info on the benefits of taking just one online human resource management class:

Taking just one online college course may increase your business intelligence and help you get ahead in human resource management, even if you don't want to pursue a degree.

5 Reasons to Take a Human Resource Management Class

3 Online Human Resource Management Classes To Take for Career Development

So, where should you start? Here are our recommendations for the top human resource management courses designed to help improve your knowledge and performance in your current career or as you look to transition to a role in HR:

Global Human Resource Management
This course covers major cultural differences in values and attitudes which may affect international HRM effectiveness, global staffing, international compensation, employee relations, and employment law. Students will explore the challenges posed by rapid globalization of business, and their impact on creating and implementing strategic HRM decisions in a global business environment. Topics are framed within the context of global markets, global security, ethical practices, managing an international workforce and diversity.

Talent Management & Development
This course covers the theories and techniques of training and development from strategic and operational perspectives, focusing on the development of systems that will provide highest levels of employee development, growth within the organization. The role of training in the workplace and adult learning models are investigated. Best practices in retention strategies, succession planning and utilization of technological systems to support these functions within human resources planning will be examined.

Organizational Change & Stewardship
The purpose of this course is to enable students to develop skills needed to lead and/or facilitate complex organizational change. Students will explore the role that HRM can play as the organizational steward and change agent by evaluating the ethical and organizational culture implications of human resources management decisions. Areas of focus include stakeholder analysis, corporate social responsibility and sustainability, and ethical practices.

With The Power of One at New England College of Business, we make it easy for you to take one of these classes or choose from many others to start advancing your knowledge and skills in human resource management.

Here's how:

  • An award-winning learning platform tailored to suit working professionals
  • Five- to eight-week course completion times
  • No prerequisites (bachelor's degree required for graduate-level courses)
  • Course credits that may be applied to a degree program
  • No application fee

Ready to take an online class to advance your career in human resources? Learn more about online classes available from New England College of Business or call 800-997-1673 for more information.

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