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5 Reasons To Take a Digital Marketing Class

Continuing education is critical for anyone working in fast-growing and ever-changing business environments. It becomes even more important for digital marketing professionals who need formal training to understand the complexities of modern business and how digital marketing aligns with business objectives. Check out our infographic for more info on the benefits of taking just one online digital marketing class:

Taking just one online college course may increase your business intelligence and help you get ahead in digital marketing, even if you don't want to pursue a degree.

5 Reasons to Take a Digital Marketing Class

3 Online Digital Marketing Classes To Take for Career Development

So, where should you start? Here are our recommendations for the top digital marketing courses designed to help improve your knowledge and performance in your current career or as you look to transition to a career in digital marketing:

Viral Marketing and Digital Presence
This course investigates the potential impact of viral marketing to expand brand awareness and engender community involvement in defining the service/brand among community and beyond. A key focus will be on the evolution of viral marketing from grassroots to digitally pervasive tactics. Students will explore the diverse and evolving ways in which social networking sites lend themselves to innovative and influential marketing techniques. Also under examination will be the ethical considerations to identity and examine when planning a viral marketing/advertising campaign.

Search Engine Optimization
This course explores how search engine optimization (SEO) is employed as an integral component of digital marketing and advertising strategies. Under investigation will be how these web-searching tools are used to increase web traffic, enhance product/service visibility and to leverage a competitive advantage. The class will demonstrate ways to analyze and devise key search strategies and integrate these assets into an overall marketing plan. A key focus will be on how web writing and content development are key factors in devising an effective search engine optimization strategy. Please note: it is recommended that students planning to focus on optimization in their Capstone also take DMK 460, Social Media Optimization, as an elective choice.

Basic Web Design
The student will look at lot of Websites with an eye towards finding out what works, and what doesn't. You'll write about and talk about the sites you visit and keep a Web review journal. The student will discuss sites in class. The student will look at the work of the students in our class and give constructive criticism. You'll make a lot of Web pages. You'll organize them into coherent sites. You will design your own work. You will redesign sites off the Web. You'll learn techniques and tools for using images and layout that will let you make clean, clear and efficient pages.

With The Power of One at New England College of Business, we make it easy for you to take one of these classes or choose from many others to start advancing your knowledge and skills in digital marketing.

Here's how:

  • An award-winning learning platform tailored to suit working professionals
  • Five- to eight-week course completion times
  • No prerequisites (bachelor's degree required for graduate-level courses)
  • Course credits that may be applied to a degree program
  • No application fee

Ready to take an online class to advance your career in digital marketing? Learn more about online classes available from New England College of Business or call 800-997-1673 for more information.

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