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Online Master's Degree in Global Finance Trading

Cambridge College Global’s online MBA program offers a uniquely developed concentration in Global Finance Trading to enable MBA students to explore professional opportunities in the global finance business arena. By adding a concentration to our online master's program in Global Finance Trading, MBA students learn some of the essential knowledge and skillsets in the highly sought-after hedging and trading field on the CCG’s award-winning, 100% online learning platform.

Using both theoretical and applied methods, the MBA Global Finance Trading concentration prepares students to explore the field of global finance trading. Students begin to acquire the knowledge and skills to devise and execute trading strategies to hedge for different global business exposures including transaction and economic exposures.

What You Will Learn in the Online MBA - Global Finance Trading Concentration

Cambridge College Global’s online MBA with a concentration in Global Finance Trading allows students to prepare to manage global financial and business risk exposures by devising sound hedging and trading strategies.

For the MBA-GFT concentration, students first complete MBA 502 Applied Quantitative Methods for Business and MSF 505 Managerial Finance, before enrolling in their first concentration course, MSF500 Financial Markets. From there, students select from two highly-specialized courses as follows:

  • MSF547 Global Currency Management
  • MSF557 Financial Trading and Management
  • MSF560 Trading Psychology and Risk Management

Upon completing the MBA with this Global Finance Trading concentration, and depending on the specific concentration courses selected, students will be exposed to topics such as:

  • Managerial Finance
  • Financial markets
  • Global currency management
  • Trading psychology and risk management
  • Equity trading management
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Technical Analysis and technical indicators

For a complete list of courses for this concentration, download the MBA Global Finance Trading Concentration curriculum worksheet. You may also view full course descriptions here.

Jeremiah Sullivan

“If you’re thinking about Cambridge College Global, just dive right in. You’ll never find a period in your life when you say to yourself, ‘This is a good time to start school.’ It just doesn’t happen like that. I just knew I had to do it. I just dove right in. It wasn’t always that easy, but now I’m done. It’s going to be a big impact on my future.”

Jeremiah Sullivan

Is the Online MBA with Global Finance Trading Concentration Right for You?

When working toward your business degree online, your decision whether to select an MBA with a concentration versus a more focused, online finance degree like our Master of Finance - Global Finance Trading will depend on your current employment, long-term career goals, cost and time considerations. Those individuals that are unsure about committing to a career in global finance trade can benefit most from the opportunity to earn their MBA, a versatile, broad-based business degree, while exploring this niche area of finance during their studies.

Conversely, individuals who are fully committed to a long-term career in finance, and to global finance trading specifically, should consider our Master of Finance - Global Finance Trading degree. This program is designed for students who are looking for a strong quantitative and analytical finance education but with greater focus on global finance trading. Our Admissions team, along with the Program Chairs in the Master of Finance and the MBA Program, are available to guide students in deciding which option best meets their career goals.

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