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Excel Essentials for Business, made possible by Cambridge College Global: Part 3

by Elaine Moore

Excel® Essentials for Business is a 3 part webinar series originally presented by New England College of Business (NECB). In 2020, NECB joined with Cambridge College to become New England Institute of Business at Cambridge College (NEIB). Today, NEIB is proud to serve as the business and finance division of Cambridge College Global (CCG).

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Microsoft Excel® is one of the most powerful and commonly used tools in business today. Mastering the basics of Excel will allow you to utilize this powerful tool to help streamline daily tasks and functions.

In Part 3 of this webinar series we will build upon the knowledge and skills taught in the first and second sessions to introduce you to more advanced essentials including:

  • Advanced formulas.
  • Utilizing advanced tables and graphs to present data and insights.
  • Other tools experienced users of Excel should know and understand.

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