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National Graduate School of Quality Management at CCG

Welcome to the National Graduate School for Quality Management at Cambridge College Global!

Hands-on training in small classes Hands-on training in small classes

While it’s true that everyone in an organization is responsible for quality, not everyone is a quality expert. The pursuit of excellence, and the knowledge, tools and leadership that an expert in quality systems management provides is critical to ensuring that everyone in the organization can deliver on – or even exceed - the promises made to various stakeholders.

Whether we’re talking about global manufacturing corporations, small service-oriented businesses, healthcare systems, government, military or educational institutions, all organizations can benefit from implementing quality approaches to improve efficiency, eliminate waste, reduce risk, respond to changes and create new opportunities.

About NGS

For more than twenty-five years as an independent institution of higher education, The National Graduate School of Quality Management (NGS), located in Falmouth, Massachusetts served a singular purpose – to create professionals that can bring these quality approaches to all types of organizations. In April 2018, NGS became a part of New England College of Business (NECB), effectively creating a center of excellence within NECB, focused on delivering education with an emphasis on real-world application for working professionals in the quality systems management field. Following the acquisition of NECB by Cambridge College in March 2020, The National Graduate School of Quality Management, as part of Cambridge College Global (CCG), can now bring its specialized degree programs in quality systems and improvement management (QSIM) to even more working adults.

QSIM Degrees at CCG

Quality experts can be specialists or generalists, and serve in roles including, but not limited to:

  • Quality Manager
  • Quality Engineer
  • Quality Analyst
  • Quality Champion
  • Six Sigma Green Belt or Black Belt
  • Quality Director
  • Quality Auditor

The National Graduate School of Quality Management, via CCG’s accelerated online approach, continues to offer degree programs at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral level that are aligned with top jobs in quality management, for individuals in beginner, mid-career and advanced quality roles as identified through the American Society of Quality (ASQ) Progress Salary Survey.

Regardless of which degree you pursue or where you are in your quality management career, you will gain critical managerial, analytical and business-based skill sets to increase efficiency, manage risk, deal with compliance issues, solve problems and employ process improvement tools with the ultimate goal of improving the way an organization functions.

For more information on the degrees NEIB offers in its National Graduate School of Quality Management, please see these pages:

QSIM Degrees at CCG

Meet Dr. James Aiken, who started his DBA at NGS and completed his degree at NECB in 2019, approximately 1 year after NGS’s assimilation into NECB.

Our Faculty

Many of the faculty who teach in the QSIM program have been with NGS for many years and now continue to teach as part of the CCG family. Faculty have typically held individual contributor and leadership roles within some aspect of QSIM and possess advanced academic credentials and certifications within quality systems management.

Collectively, their expertise in quality management includes broad expertise ranging from Lean and Six Sigma methodology to PMOs, supply chain management, value stream analysis and performance benchmarking. These expert faculty bring their passions for specialized fields of study within QSIM and their rigorous methodologies into the classroom, guiding students through each step of their learning. For more information on our faculty, please visit this page.

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