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NEIB Launches Medical Administrative Assistant Certificate and Graduate Certificate in Supply Chain Management

Medical Administrative Assistant Certificate and Graduate Certificate in Supply Chain Management

New England Institute of Business at Cambridge College is excited to announce that we have launched two new certificate programs:

Medical Administrative Assistant Certificate

Find your way into a field of evergreen potential by earning a Medical Administrative Assistant certificate through the New England Institute of Business at Cambridge College!

Serving as the backbone of any doctor’s office or medical health facility, medical administrative assistants are responsible for serving as the first impression to the patient, coordinating office logistics and operations, educating / intaking new patients, and maintaining HIPAA regulation compliance.

This program will prepare you to sit for the Certified Medical Administrative Assistant exam, and equips you with the critical knowledge and skills health employers everywhere are seeking, while helping you stand out as a uniquely qualified candidate.

Fully online and easy to fit inside your busy working schedule, NEIB’s Medical Administrative Assistant certificate program consists of four courses taken over two terms, which are completely transferable to MED & HCA Associate’s and Bachelor’s programs.

Graduate Certificate in Supply Chain Management

Are you ready to level up your organization’s supply chain? A Supply Chain Management Certificate from NEIB at Cambridge College can help you reach that next level of competency as the need for highly skilled supply chain workers increases in virtually every industry.

Right now supply chains are under extra pressure to perform well as the economy is shifting radically and supply struggles to keep up with demand. As we enter into this new normal together, this is your chance to step in and step up to meet those needs if you work in: logistic related areas of any industry, procurement / purchasing, strategic sourcing positions, transportation scheduling, delivery or distribution management.

Fully online, affordable, and flexible enough to work within your hectic schedule, NEIB’s Supply Chain Management Certificate program is designed for individuals who are seeking to tighten up their organization’s supply chain, reduce hazardous bottlenecks, and guide the functionality of their business smoothly through this critical juncture where efficiency is truly the name of the game.

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