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Student Spotlight

NECB Student Spotlight: Parent, Caregiver and Full-time Employee in Banking, Teresa Janeiro Achieves BSBA

by Stephanie Lines, Marketing Communications Manager
NECB BSBA Student, Teresa Janeiro

NECB: Why did you decide to attend NECB?

Teresa: I decided to attend NECB because it offered the flexibility I needed to reach my goal of obtaining my bachelor’s degree in business. As a full-time employee in the banking industry, parent and caregiver, flexibility was a necessity. NECB provided the perfect balance of structure and flexibility.

NECB: What advice would you give to someone who is considering going to NECB?

Teresa: Do it! Invest in yourself – YOU are worth it. You can do it!

NECB: What advice would you give to students to be successful with online learning? Any challenges you had to overcome? Or any misconceptions you had going in that turned out to be untrue?

Teresa: Think outside of the box, especially when it comes to finding time to do your online assignments (reading, responses, etc.).

Don’t procrastinate. Keep on top of your assignments by identifying ways that you can squeeze in time to do them during the week. Even five minutes a couple of times a day can make a huge difference.

NECB: How do you juggle / manage being a student while working and trying to balance everything? Any tips you can share with future / current NECB Students?

Teresa: First – remember that you are only one person. This means you may have to adjust your standards or expectations when it comes to doing things you’re used to like making dinner at night for the family, cleaning the house, etc.

Be creative and do not procrastinate. Since the classes are 100% online, you can use the Canvas app to squeeze in reading assignments when you are on the go or not in front of a computer. Five minutes a few times a day can really add up.

Set up boundaries and create a designated area for you to study and work on your assignments. Make it known to everyone that lives with you that when you are in your designated area, you are off limits (unless there is a true emergency).

Identify what learning methods work best for you and stick with it, whether it is electronically or old-fashioned pen or paper. And don’t forget to cut yourself some slack every once and while.

NECB: What was the #1 thing you’ll take away from your time at NECB?

Teresa: The #1 thing that I will take away from my time at NECB is the caring staff and professors. You are not just a number. You matter!

NECB: What does graduating with your degree mean to you?

Teresa: Graduating with my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Management means that I have accomplished my goal of attaining my bachelor’s degree in business management. It is proof that if I set my mind to it, I can accomplish anything.

NECB: What’s your goal(s) / plan(s) once you graduate?

Teresa: After graduation, I will definitely be rewarding myself with a well-deserved vacation. Next, my goal is to continue to find ways in which I can incorporate the knowledge and skills I have acquired at NECB to further my professional growth in the banking industry. I am confident that I will be returning to NECB when I decide to pursue my Master’s in Business Administration (MBA).

NECB: Have you noticed if the knowledge and skills you’ve acquired at NECB have helped with your performance at work? If so, how?

Teresa: My analytical and communication skills have greatly improved due to my experience at NECB. I am better able to identify when my co-workers do not understand each other and provide help with navigating the discussion to bring clarity to the situation. I am better able to understand the importance of urgency and acting in a timely manner – making the best decision possible based on the information available at that time rather than waiting to gather all of the information to make a decision, as the delay in acting may be worse than making a decision.

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