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Advice for making the most of your online learning at NECB

NECB's Tips for Successful Online Learning

Everyone loves a fresh start.

It's the perfect opportunity to put your best foot forward – applying what you’ve learned and setting out to do better. However, with life’s challenges and ongoing responsibilities that seem never-ending, making the most out of your fresh start can be tricky.

October 29th is the new online session for the undergrad term at NECB. When embarking on a new session, there are some tactics you can employ for optimal success with online learning.

We interviewed Debra Leahy, former NECB Provost, for her recommendations on how students can make the most of their fresh start with a combination of preparation and a focused drive to learn which include:

  • Welcome Letter – There is a lot of valuable information in this letter. This is where your faculty members specify expectations for the class and how to stay in touch with your professor.
  • Mark all Due Dates – Preparation is everything. Marking down all the due dates in your calendar will allow you to get a sense of how the assignment schedule aligns with your personal and professional calendars – enabling you to plan ahead for studying and writing.
  • Identify Your Goals – Align what you will be learning with your current and future professional goals. At NECB, we work with subject matter experts (SMEs) to design our curriculums to meet the workforce needs of each industry. Take this opportunity to reflect on what you will gain from your courses and how you may apply what you learn in the real-world.
  • Get Excited – You took advantage of the opportunity to advance your career. With so much going on in our day-to-day lives, we can easily get distracted, but the learning is all yours. Be sure to reflect and enjoy!
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