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How Endri Kume’s Master’s in Finance Helped Him Achieve His Dreams

Endri Kume

Originally from Albania, Endri Kume came to the United States in 2003 for college. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Salem State University and began working as a fund accountant at State Street Corporation. For five years, Kume moved within the company, gaining valuable experience in investment finance, fund accounting, auditing, budgeting and outsourcing.

In 2013, Kume switched to the nonprofit sector. But after four years, he was ready for a new challenge. The public sector was calling his name. Following an intensive interview process, in July 2017, Kume began in his new role as Assistant Director of Finance and Treasurer for the Town of Reading.

“This is an exciting opportunity, and my ultimate job is to serve my community at the highest level of integrity, excellence and trust,” Kume says.

Moving Up with the Help of a Master’s Degree in Finance

When Kume was working at State Street Corporation, he reached a point where his career felt stagnant. He decided to enroll in an online master's degree in finance at New England College of Business.

“Enrolling at NECB gave me the confidence, skills and desire to look for and embrace change in my career…it was due to NECB that I experienced the feeling of being challenged,” says Kume. “I attribute my career advancement completely to NECB.”

Like most of his classmates, Kume was working full-time while he was enrolled in the master in finance program. He chose NECB in part because the program was tailored to working professionals, and in part because of the transparency the school offered about what the online master’s degree in finance program entailed. He says the comparatively low price, lessened even further by NECB’s employer tuition assistance program, made his decision even easier.

“I must say that NECB helped me understand, in a whole different dimension, concepts that I was exposed to in my day-to-day job,” Kume says. “The master in finance program provided me with the tools that I needed to make my next career step.”

An Investment with Great Returns

For now, Kume is enjoying dedicating his time to his family, his work and his community. He feels passionately about the town of Reading, and his work as treasurer is a way for him to give back to the family-oriented community he loves.

Kume cautions that the road to getting the job you want may not be easy.

“Be prepared to invest time and hard work,” he says. “Time management is key, and procrastination is your worst enemy.”’

But he emphasizes that, at the end of the day, all of the effort is worth it: “As a finance professional, investing in education for yourself is the safest investment that you can make, with guaranteed returns.”

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