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New Financial Management Graduate Certificate Program

New Online Graduate Certificate NECB

One of the goals of New England College of Business is to offer programs that meet our students’ needs. That’s why we launched our online Graduate Certificate in Financial Management. The certificate consists of four five-week courses and can be completed in as little as six months.

Why Get a Graduate Certificate?

Offering a low-cost alternative to the Master of Science in Finance, the graduate certificate program provides students with a shorter, more condensed educational experience.

According to Dr. Ned Gandevani, program chair and professor of NECB’s Master of Science in Finance program, graduate certificate programs are an ideal option for working adults who may not feel that they have the time or money to commit to a master’s degree.

“They are individuals who’d like to advance their professional careers by getting the proper credentials and certificates,” he says. “On the other hand, they could be career changers… they feel that financial management offers them better opportunities than their current careers and they feel that they need to have proper credentials to apply for a job.”

And for those who complete the financial management certificate program and then decide they want a master’s degree, there’s good news. The courses from the Online Graduate Certificate in Financial Management are also applicable to the Master of Science in Finance program, and will give students a significant head start.

What Makes This Certificate Program a Good Choice?

According to Gandevani, the Graduate Certificate Program in Financial Management at NECB is an excellent choice for working professionals for several reasons.

1. The program is short.

When designing the curriculum, Gandevani says they condensed the fundamental knowledge required for the certificate into four essential courses, making time period necessary to complete the program as little as six months. This has the added benefit of making the certificate program more affordable.

2. The program is practical.

All four courses focus heavily on practical application, and the assignments require students to apply the theories they have learned in class. For example, in an investment management class, students may be given funds to create an investment portfolio.

3. The program has experienced faculty.

At NECB, in addition to strong academic credentials, the faculty has real professional experience.

“They are constantly in the workplace, so they bring real experience, and they show the students how to apply the theoretical concepts they learn in the course to real-life applications,” Gandevani explains.

4. The program is 100% online.

With the ability to access the platform from anywhere, NECB’s online graduate certificate program has the school’s trademark flexibility and convenience.

How Will a Graduate Certificate in Financial Management Advance My Career?

“Employers are encouraging their employees to advance their education for better promotional opportunities,” says Gandevani.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is a strong correlation between years of employment and increased wages, and workers with more education are less likely to be unemployed, as well.

Gandevani stresses that the financial management certificate is at the graduate level.

“It adds great weight to their educational credentials,” he says. “It is important for anyone in finance to advance their education, because advancing education has a strong link with advancement of career.”

Interested in continuing education in finance? Find out more about the Online Graduate Certificate in Financial Management.

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