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Alumni Spotlight

Spotlight: Student Commencement Speakers & Online MBA Graduates Starry Poe and Caitlin Mancuso

Poe and Mancuso at Graduation

Starry Poe, Online MBA Graduate

Starry Poe has done it all at New England College of Business. From earning an associate’s degree, to a bachelor’s degree, and finally to an MBA, she has returned to NECB time and time again to invest in herself and her online business education.

With almost 24 years of experience in the banking industry, Poe is passionate about meeting the financial needs of customers and employees. At her current position as assistant vice president of human resources at Leader Bank, she is primarily responsible for identifying recruits, as well as mentoring and monitoring employee talent.

She decided to speak at commencement when her friend, Caitlin Mancuso, proposed the idea of a joint address.

“Although many individuals have difficulty meeting new people and developing quality connections, particularly in a classroom setting, this wasn’t our case,” Poe says. “We interacted cohesively, worked together effortlessly and formed a strong bond.”

Now that she has earned her online MBA, Poe is excited to see new opportunities open up.

“The more knowledge you have under your belt — the easier the responsibilities!” she says.

Caitlin Mancuso, Online MBA Graduate

When Caitlin Mancuso decided to go back to school to get her MBA, she was skeptical about obtaining an online business degree. But she knew that, between her full-time job and her young child, the only way she would have time to further her education was with an online degree program.

With the goal of earning an MBA, Mancuso began looking at different schools. But after seeing a presentation given by NECB, she was sold.

“NECB gave me the best ‘bang for my buck’ and had the best online platform I had seen,” she says. “NECB made raising a family, working full-time and going back to school a reality for me.”

Mancuso is currently working at State Street Corporation as an assistant vice president in corporate audit, a position she was able to get because of her enrollment in NECB’s online MBA program.

“Even after just beginning the program, it was almost as though I received instant credibility from interviewers,” Mancuso says. “Since starting my MBA program, I’ve received three promotions.”

Mancuso says speaking at commencement was a nerve-wracking experience, but one that was valuable:

“I wanted all the parents going back to school to know they aren’t alone and to push through the hard times, because it’s worth it!”

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