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How NECB Online Business Degrees Help Companies Thrive

How NECB Online Business Degrees Help Companies Thrive

New England College of Business is proud to maintain hundreds of corporate partnerships that make education more accessible to non-traditional students. These relationships provide a lot of value to all involved: the company, their employees (our future students), and our school.

Our corporate partnerships span many industries: banking, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, retail and more.

It’s clear what benefit this provides to our students. If a company partners with us, its employees become eligible for a significant tuition discount on NECB’s online business degree programs. This even applies to the employee’s immediate family.

But what exactly makes these partnerships so appealing to employers?

1. Investing in Employee Education Pays Off

When companies help foot the bill of education for their employees, it actually helps their bottom line. Employee education encourages retention; employees that sponsor education may see reduced turnover, saving the company money in recruitment costs and simultaneously increasing productivity. In addition, offering tuition reimbursement benefits such as this tend to increase loyalty and bring in more motivated players. And when those players earn higher degrees, they can be promoted within the organization. For a company looking to build a strong team, partnering with an institution of higher education is a great option. Watch this video to hear one of our corporate partners describe why investing in people is a top priority.

2. Access to Corporate Training and Professional Career Development

A partnership with NECB also provides companies with access to affordable corporate training. These professional development tools are available to everyone at the company — not just the students currently enrolled in the school. Often, this training takes the shape of half-day seminars that are run by our expert faculty and staff and hosted on the company website. Whether a company desires a one-time class on banking or a series on business ethics, NECB has it covered with its customizable, low-cost programs.

3. Immediate Return on Investment with Online Business Degrees

NECB is unique in that we focus on the working student. Unlike other schools that take a traditional, brick-and-mortar curriculum and transfer it to the internet, our courses were built from the ground up with the intention of creating an online learning community. Every NECB class was created specifically for adults with many responsibilities. Without forgoing rigor, we have done away with the 90-minute lectures and replaced them with bite-sized chunks of theory and practical modules.

The result of this paradigm shift is that, unlike students in other online business degree programs, NECB students are able to put what they learned in class into practice the very next day. This means that companies do not have to wait until the completion to see the results of their investment; they are seeing those returns on a daily basis.

In fact, according to John Hope, senior vice president of corporate partnerships, at least 40 percent of students report that they are given more responsibility or a promotion by the time they finish their online business degree program.

NECB is structured with employees in mind. Learn more about the advantages of our Corporate Partnership Program.

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