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Helping Military Students Earn Online Business Degrees

NECB Graduate Nilson Fernandes

We have designated days to appreciate mothers, fathers, teachers and administrative professionals. One group of people deserve this recognition the most — those who fight for our country. The entire month of May is designated National Military Appreciation Month, and it allows the whole nation to celebrate, honor and remember our military in different ways. National Military Appreciation Month includes Loyalty Day, Victory in Europe (VE) Day, Military Spouse Appreciation Day, Armed Forces Day, and Memorial Day.

New England College of Business provides an affordable, award-winning education for military students interested in careers in business, public administration, information technology and healthcare. NECB prides itself in offering online business degrees and online graduate degrees for military students, including veteran benefits.

NECB aims to go above and beyond to help military students in their education and career as they transition into back into civilian life. The college has been recognized and listed in DANTES (Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support), which helps military service members pursue their educational goals. NECB also accepts transfer credits for past studies or certain aspects of military service.

What are the benefits of an NECB online business degree for military students?

NECB Healthcare Management Master’s Degree graduate Nilson Fernandes is a healthcare manager and captain in the Army National Guard. He enjoyed that his instructors had industry experience and knowledge.

“My professors are all in the industry,” he says. “I really understood, in real time, what the problems are in healthcare and what are the challenges.”

From the very beginning, NECB guides military students through every step of their education. When a military student applies to NECB, a designated member of the staff reaches out to them to explore the various benefit options for which the student may be eligible. Together, a decision is made regarding what track will be the most successful for the student based on their educational and career goals. Benefits for military students and their families pursuing an online business degree include discounted rates — rates that go even further down if the student is both a veteran and working with one of NECB’s corporate partners.

Robert Wagstaff, registrar at NECB, says members of the military tend to be reliable and studious.

“They acclimate well to online courses. You must be self-disciplined and self-motivated a little more, because you aren’t in that classroom environment,” Wagstaff says. “The courses are very structured. The military students tend to be very good students and very dedicated.”

Learn more about military tuition discounts and the other benefits NECB offers to veterans.

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