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Why You Should Make Enrolling at NECB A New Year's Resolution

Why You Should Make Enrolling at NECB A New Year's Resolution

Every year, as the holidays end, people across the world make New Year’s resolutions. Many people focus some or all of these resolutions around their careers and how they can advance.

Need a good reason for you to enroll at the New England College of Business? Here are four:

1. NECB can help you at any stage of your career.

Whether you want to make your college dreams come true with a Bachelor’s degree, or you are yearning to go back to school and earn an MBA or other graduate degree, NECB has a variety of business degree programs to help you continue your education and achieve your goals. Graduates of these programs come away with the skills and know-how to be successful in their fields at a variety of levels.

2. NECB works around your schedule.

At NECB, we know that school is a big commitment to undertake, especially when you already have so much going on in your life. We have designed our courses to provide the utmost flexibility. By offering degrees that are strictly online, we are able to provide you with the instruction you need — all on your time.

3. NECB is affordable.

NECB was recognized as the lowest tuition among all private four-year colleges in New England. If you are already employed (or a family member is employed) at one of our corporate partners, then you may be eligible for 25% off tuition! Additionally, NECB offers federal financial aid. We are dedicated to providing an accessible education, and we will work with you to help meet your needs.

4. NECB supports American troops.

Named a Yellow Ribbon institution of higher learning for the Department of Veterans Affairs, NECB is lauded for its support of military students. All members of the military, their dependents and honorably discharged veterans are eligible for an even further reduction in their tuition. Additionally, as a member of the Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges Consortium, NECB accepts regionally accredited credits earned by service members, as well as credits for military training and other non-traditional courses that the American Council of Education recommends. In 2015, NECB was ranked as one of the 2015 Best Online MBA Programs for Veterans.

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