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Answers To Your Questions About Online College Degree Programs

Answers To Your Questions

The digital age has ushered in many exciting changes in higher learning. While traditional college and university campuses remain an option, online learning makes it possible for individuals to pursue or expand their education in ways that fit their lifestyle and without the barriers of geographic location.

Here are answers to some common questions about online college programs from New England College of Business.

How does online learning work?

All that’s needed is a computer and an internet connection. Online colleges bring courses to students rather than requiring the students to physically attend class at a specific location. Students take classes whenever and wherever they wish. Students must pass examinations and are graded just like a traditional college, except students do all their classwork and testing on a computer.

Is online classwork easier than in a traditional college setting?

Accessing classes is usually more convenient and, in many cases, it is easier to review information and lectures from the computer. But the material taught and exams are just as challenging as those classes and exams at a traditional school. In fact, most traditional colleges and universities now offer an online learning option to students. Online colleges and universities are accredited by U.S. government-sponsored (and regional) agencies which have the same academic standards for coursework, faculty, administration policies and other areas of serving students.

Is New England College of Business Accredited?

Yes. New England College of Business is an accredited institution providing quality online degree programs to working professionals through associate’s degree programs plus bachelor’s and master’s degree programs.

How do online instructors compare to traditional campus instructors?

Online instructors are evaluated the same as traditional college faculty instructors. Teaching credentials are just as critical to an online school as they are to any other accredited institution. There are no separate standards for online schools versus traditional colleges and universities.

Does it take less time to get a degree through online learning?

It is possible to earn a degree faster through online learning than at a traditional college, but only because online learning allows a student to take classes on their own schedule. Not all students learn at the same pace, and an online student can complete coursework, take exams and pass classes at their own speed. The number of credit hours required for a degree are generally the same as traditional colleges.

What do students say about their online learning after entering the job market?

In 2015, 97 percent of graduates from New England College of Business stated they have performed better in their positions due to their NECB education, and 45 percent indicated that they have been promoted or have received expanded responsibilities.

Can online students get help or assistance if they need it?

Yes. Online students have access to admissions counselors, academic advisors, financial aid representatives and even student support staff. Advisors and counselors are available by telephone or online to help students deal with questions or issues that might arise.

Must a student start at the beginning when choosing to enroll in an online program?

Not always. Many online students are working professionals who need supplemental coursework, or perhaps a different degree emphasis. The flexibility of online programs allows these students to fit their schoolwork into their busy schedules and align them with their career goals. Check out this blog post to learn more about how to choose an online college.

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