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Alumni Spotlight

Meet Alumni Association President Sharlene Malcolm

Shirley Malcolm

Sharlene Malcolm is passionate about forming an interactive and enjoyable collaboration among NECB’s alumni.

She earned her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration/Management in 2012 and is a 2014 graduate of our Master of Business Ethics and Compliance program. She began her banking career over 26 years ago and is currently Director of Retail and Business Development at Canton Cooperative Bank in Canton, Massachusetts. Sharlene also serves as an adjunct faculty member at NECB while completing her doctoral degree at Walden University. Her intended dissertation is entitled, The Importance of Reducing Employee Turnover in Banking.

Sharlene maintains active involvement in several community service organizations including the United Way of Mass Bay and Interfaith Social Services of Quincy. Sharlene is a Fellow Recipient with the Partnership Inc. Mentor Program and a Community Award Recipient of the Black Achievers Inc., both of Boston. She has one son who is in college pursuing a career in business.

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