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Alumni Spotlight

Alumna Kathy Self Climbs Ladder From Legal Assistant to Chief Compliance Officer

Kathy Self

Kathlynn “Kathy” Self, a graduate of NECB's Master of Science in Business Ethics and Compliance program, lives in Texas and has climbed the ladder from a legal assistant to the office of Chief Compliance Officer, Internal Audit and Safety at Universal Weather and Aviation.

Kathy says her courses at NECB “have really contributed to my understanding of what is involved in being a compliance officer. They really increased my knowledge of compliance and ethics in order to support my organization.”

Kathy is a true inspiration. She strongly believes education has contributed to her career trajectory because it has opened the doors of opportunity.

Tell us about you. What’s happening in your career? How has your degree from NECB helped you get to where you want to be? Share your story and you could be featured in an upcoming alumni profile!

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