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Employers: Why You Should Add Tuition Reimbursement to Employee Benefits

Tuition Reimbursement

Are you seeking to build a more educated workforce? Would you like to increase retention of your top performers, build company loyalty and reduce turnover? How about attracting highly motivated talent? These are all proven benefits of corporate sponsored educational reimbursement. Perhaps it's time to consider adding a full or partial tuition discount policy to your employee benefit program.

Recognizing the mutual advantages of employee tuition assistance, more progressive companies are strategizing their approach to employee benefits services to meet organizational goals. It's an upfront investment in your employees that pays off in spades down the road.

Work Experience Credit and Online Employee Training Options

There's even better news: Gaining new skills through employee benefit programs doesn't always require a traditional classroom setting. Hundreds of colleges award college credit to students who demonstrate a mastery of course content through company training or work experience, which saves the student time and money. Students can also earn degrees through online learning. Many online colleges, like New England College of Business, offer a variety of undergraduate and graduate degree programs that are relevant to your industry and are friendly to non-traditional students and those who stay busy balancing job, family and other priorities.

How to Pay for Employee Tuition Benefits

The cost of employee tuition can be considerable. However, there are various ways to fund employee benefit programs and save money, such as negotiating with schools for a tuition discount. New England College of Business partners with corporations around the U.S. to facilitate employee benefit programs at no cost to the employer. The Corporate Partnership program extends the employee tuition benefit to immediate family members, with personalized recruitment and enrollment services. Partner companies can also arrange direct invoicing for all students, which reduces paperwork hassle.

New England College of Business knows employee benefit programs are crucial for company growth, and works to assist both organizations and employees to achieve their goals.

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