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U.S. News taps NECB to talk gamifying online classes

U.S. News taps NECB to talk gamifying online classes

U.S. News and World Report Online Education Editor Jordan Friedman recently reached out to New England College of Business for insights into gamification in online education.

In his Feb. 17 article, Friedman writes, “In recent years, gamification has become more prevalent in the corporate world and has extended into higher education, including online. Prospective online learners should examine the pros and cons of gamification when deciding whether a program that uses this learning method is right for them.”

Friedman spoke with New England College of Business Master's in Human Resources Management graduate Bre Seavey, as well as e-learning instructional designer Andrea Eberly about the benefits of gamification for students taking online classes.

Seavey says gamification kept her engaged, while Eberly adds that gamification teaches students to be creative, persistent, and resilient.

See what else they had to say in the full article, and be sure to check out this 2015 U.S. News article on gamification featuring Paula Bramante, senior vice president of student services at New England College of Business.

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