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Baby Boot Camp franchisee Lindsay Hanson uses her online business education to make her passion a reality

Baby Boot Camp franchisee Lindsay Hanson uses her online business education to make her passion a reality

According to 2010 New England College of Business Bachelor of Science in Business Administration graduate Lindsay Hanson, balancing a full-time job at a bank with a full-time online course load helped her learn important time-management skills that she applied through her career. When Hanson gave birth to her son in 2014, she found herself using her business education in a way she never thought possible.

“My husband and I decided it would be best for me to stay home with our son, since he travels a lot for work,” says Hanson. “After staying home for a while, I realized I wasn't satisfied…I wanted to do something more.”

In her search for ways to stay active while bonding with her child, Hanson discovered Baby Boot Camp, a stroller fitness program designed to help new mothers achieve their pre-pregnancy fitness levels and meet the physical demands of parenting. Hanson fell in love with the program despite her realization that the closest Baby Boot Camp location was far from home. Thus, she started her own franchise in Northwest Hills, Connecticut, using the skills she gained through her New England College of Business education.

To open her business and become a primary group exercise instructor, Hanson was required to complete online courses yet again.

“I was able to be efficient with a limited amount of time…I used the knowledge and skills I gained through New England College of Business to balance my time studying with my duties as a mother,” Hanson says. “I appreciated how comfortable I already was with online learning, as most of our lives are online now.”

Hanson says she is grateful that she could use her degree to open up a new horizon for herself and her family, and that she was able to open her own business in an area she's passionate about.

“My field was not in exercise, yet I was able to keep an open mind and continue learning,” she says. “My advice for current business students is to never stop learning, and to find ways to do something that you love every day for your career.”

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