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New England College of Business Faculty Profile: Samuel Rindell, professor of healthcare management

Samuel Rindell

Professor of Healthcare Management Samuel Rindell has spent the majority of his career in the healthcare industry. Beginning with a 12-year stint at Pfizer, Rindell eventually moved to Cigna, and has spent the past 11 years teaching the future leaders in this field. Working in healthcare gives him a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

“What's great about working and teaching in the field is that I feel a personal connection to helping people live better, longer lives,” says Rindell.

Rindell is enthusiastic about his teaching career in part because he gets to apply his extensive healthcare experience to the classroom. After receiving an online degree in healthcare management and leadership, Rindell is appreciative of New England College of Business's student-centric approach to education, which enables students to improve their performance at their current jobs or develop the skills they need in order to change their career paths.

According to Rindell, what sets New England College of Business programs apart is that the program's instructors have worked or are currently working at an executive level in healthcare. This experience enables professors to guide students as they prepare to apply what they learn in the classroom to their current or future jobs.

“Students receive a wonderful blend of theory and real-world application from executives across the industry,” Rindell says. “Instructors are able to coach and guide in an industry-specific and proven way.”

Most importantly, Rindell encourages students who are considering a degree to give it a try, even if they are intimidated. He recalls one of his students who entered the program after working in higher education, hoping to begin a career in healthcare.

“Through the program, she was able to attend conferences and network, which ultimately enabled her to land the position she wanted,” says Rindell.

Almost all of his students are working professionals, and he is incredibly understanding of what it's like to balance multiple responsibilities.

“Our faculty and staff are incredibly committed to helping students succeed,” Rindell says. “We know what will make our busy students successful.”

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