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Alumni Spotlight

How student Tracy Lynskey learned to put herself first and pursue her online bachelor's degree in business administration

Tracy Lynskey

Tracy Lynskey has been working at the Bristol County Savings Bank for 27 years and knew that education would be the key to her continued success at the company. Throughout the early part of her career, she was busy raising her family and wasn't sure she could fit a degree into her already hectic schedule. She learned that her company was one of New England College of Business's corporate partners, and that credits from her previous college experience would transfer to her new degree, making education seem more accessible than she previously thought.

When her children went to college, she decided to put herself first.

“I was hesitant that I wouldn't be able to fit school into my schedule or personal life, but I'm glad I finally did it,” she says. “You can do it. It can be done and can be accomplished.”

Tracy will be graduating from from New England College of Business in February 2016 with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration, with a banking finance concentration. She hopes to be promoted to Bank Officer.

“I'm going to make it a reality,” she says. “All of the classes have been highly beneficial to my career.”

Despite her busy schedule, the structure of New England College of Business's online platform has made it easy for Tracy to keep up with her coursework. Tracy is taking one class every six weeks, and has found it manageable with her career and full-time job as a mother.

“The whole structure makes it very easy and doable despite my full-time career and being a parent,” Tracy says. “I'm still able to accomplish my work.”

Tracy found that having an advisor was vital to her success and a highlight of her experience as a student. Her advisor helped her review her degree audit and reevaluate her transcript so that more classes from her previous college experience would count toward her new degree.

She's also found a way to make learning fun for herself and her two stepchildren.

“We have a little friendly competition at home,” Tracy says. “We see who can finish their homework first and who has the highest GPA.”

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