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Digital marketing student Jody Holmes receives honor from NAPW, advocates for baby boomers to learn social media

Jody Holmes

If there's one thing Jody Holmes is, it's determined.

Jody works as a licensed insurance professional and benefits specialist at Allstate. She travels to different locations to bring workplace benefits to Allstate agencies and commercial businesses. She was recently inducted into The National Association of Professional Women VIP Woman of the Year Circle for her leadership in business. Jody has also been involved with volunteering for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society for the past 25 years and was recently named one of their “Men and Women of the Year.” The 58-year-old is managing her career, her passions for volunteering and healthcare, and her education. She is looking forward to graduating from New England College of Business's Bachelor of Science in Digital Marketing program in May 2017.

“I feel that most people my age don't have the digital skills that are becoming necessary in today's business world,” Holmes says. “I see it as an opportunity. I'm really interested in social media and I want to be on the cutting-edge of the digital world.”

The digital marketing program at New England College of Business caught her eye because of the flexible nature of the online learning platform and the long-term planning that allows her to map out her course schedule in advance, working it around 12-hour work days and 300 miles spent on the road per week.

One highlight of her educational experience so far has been her information technology class, which she said helped her to make social media seem less intimidating.

Some people may doubt that baby boomers can master social media because they didn't grow up with it, but Jody is determined to learn and looking forward to graduating just before her 60th birthday.

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