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3 tips for learning on the go

Our students at New England College of Business are able to access our online learning platform at any time, from any location. Some of our busy learners get creative and take extra steps to make the most of the time they've set aside for learning. To make online learning efficient as possible, we've compiled some tips for our students who balance multiple responsibilities and study on the go:

1. Invest in a mobile hotspot.

In recent years, Wi-Fi has become increasingly accessible in parks, on public transportation and other areas today's workers might find themselves during the week. Unfortunately, WiFi connections aren't always strong enough to perform the actions we'd like to, such as downloading documents, or accessing our online learning platform, Canvas, or live-streaming services. Therefore, among the other items on your school supplies list, it can be worth your while to invest in a mobile hotspot to ensure a strong connection wherever you go, no matter which device you're using.

2. Save your documents on the cloud.

Do you ever find yourself coming up with an idea for your latest project when you're nowhere near your work documents? Saving your work on internet-based platforms such as Google Docs and Evernote can allow you to access your materials from any location or platform, while also allowing you to share with other users at the click of a button. No more emailing documents to yourself or your peers! These platforms can be accessed from any device with WiFi — even your smartphone — so you can make the most of any free time you can find.

3. Change your learning environment.

If you're getting too distracted in your office or at home, find a new environment to focus on your work. Investigate local coffee shops, look for the nearest library, or check out parks in your area. As you spend time working in this location, you'll begin to associate it with learning.

Students: we want to see where you learn! Take a quick, 15-second video of your favorite place to work, no matter where it is! Whether you learn during your commute, in the park, or in the comfort of your home, share with New England College of Business on Facebook, network with us on LinkedIn or join the conversation on Twitter!

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