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5 Reasons To Take an Ethics and Compliance Class

Continuing education is critical for anyone working in fast-growing and ever-changing business environments. It becomes even more important for those working in highly regulated sectors. Check out our infographic for more info on the benefits of taking just one online ethics and compliance class:

If your role includes managing or maintaining an organization's ethical, social and environmental practices, you must stay up to date on best practices and strategies for reducing risk, promoting ethical business practices and developing relationships with governments, communities, regulating bodies and other stakeholders.

Taking just one online college course may increase your business intelligence and help you get ahead in business ethics and compliance, even if you don't want to pursue a degree.

5 Reasons to Take an Ethics and Compliance Class

3 Online Business Ethics and Compliance Classes To Take for Career Development

So, where should you start? Here are our recommendations for the top business ethics and compliance courses designed to help improve your knowledge and performance in your current career or as you look to transition to a career in a highly regulated industry:

Regulations and Regulators
This course is designed to provide a broad understanding of the philosophy, history and context or regulations and regulatory agencies within various industries, including, but not limited to financial services, healthcare, and human resources. Students will evaluate and assess the external role of the compliance process, including federal, state, and local regulatory agencies. Students will study the complex regulatory environment that has recently grown in an effort to safeguard the public's personal information and prevent abuse within various industries.

The Forensic Audit
This course provides an overview of forensic accounting fraud auditing and investigative accounting techniques and tools. Fraud is no simple vice for business. Recent years have seen it grow both in size and complexity, to the point where some estimates place losses due to fraud at well over $100 billion a year. With the increasing complexity of financial structures and the intensity of business competition, fraud has become harder to detect and more enticing to commit.

Much of the responsibility for the detection of fraud has fallen to the accounting profession, forensic accountants must learn how to recognize its signs early on and how to best approach and investigate potential cases. This course focuses on the investigation, detection, documentation, and prevention of accounting frauds, stock frauds, and employee theft and embezzlement. It provides an in-depth analysis of how fraud occurs within an organization and explains the latest techniques for fighting it.

Governance, Ethics and Compliance
This course aims are to provide students with a basic understanding of corporate governance as a term and as a practice involving relations between a firm's executive leadership, its governing board, and its stakeholders including shareholders and others who have an interest in the oversight of the entity. The course explores various governance models practiced in the United States including both for-profit and non-profit and looks at the role and responsibilities of each of the parties in these relationships both as set down in the legal code and as suggested by current best practice. The role of various board committees will also be discussed along with their relationships with the regulatory agencies such as the SEC. A fundamental part of the course is a discussion of the 'purpose of a corporation' and of the various perspectives held by prominent thought leaders in the United States on this subject. The course will also look at changes made in board practices following the Sarbanes Oxley legislation in 2002 and at recent trends in corporate governance.

With The Power of One at New England College of Business, we make it easy for you to take one of these classes or choose from many others to start advancing your knowledge and skills in business ethics and compliance.

Here's how:

  • An award-winning learning platform tailored to suit working professionals
  • Five- to eight-week course completion times
  • No prerequisites (bachelor's degree required for graduate-level courses)
  • Course credits that may be applied to a degree program
  • No application fee

Ready to take an online class to advance your career in ethics and compliance? Learn more about online classes available from New England College of Business or call 800-997-1673 for more information.

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