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Why military veteran Darlene Chames chose New England College of Business

Why military veteran Darlene Chames chose New England College of Business

After serving 20 years in the Air Force, Darlene Chames knew that duty and honor would be at the core of whatever she put her mind to. Chames wanted to advance in her fast-paced career in corporate compliance and knew a high-performing and flexible program was necessary to match her needs.

“I needed a program that fit my busy lifestyle and professional goals,” said Chames, who started the final course of her Master of Science in Business Ethics and Compliance in July of 2015.“ A career in ethics and compliance was a natural choice because you are constantly exposed to that foundation of ethics and honor from a military perspective. After some research, I knew New England College of Business had everything that I needed.”

Many service members see the field of ethics and compliance as a natural fit for them as they transition from active duty. The core values of honor, integrity and ethical decision-making, qualities that are rooted in the military philosophy, help modern organizations develop and uphold ethical business practices.

Chames said the biggest obstacle to advancing her education involved finding a program that fit her busy schedule.

“I didn't feel as though I needed to be glued to my computer at all times with this program,” Chames said. “It really is designed to work for you. One of my instructors actually told me that I could keep working at my degree while deployed.”

Chames's time at NECB has already impacted her career in a positive way. As Manager, Corporate Security at Selex Galileo Inc., she's had the opportunity to apply what she learned in the classroom to the corporate world by implementing updated corporate governance plans.

“As a member of the Air Force, everyone at NECB understood where I was coming from and where my other commitments were,” Chames said. “As a student, NECB provided me with the educational tools necessary to advance in my career after the military.”

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