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Alumni Spotlight

New England College of Business corporate partnership program helps mom, bank employee achieve goal of getting her bachelor's degree online

Shelly Sequin Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Shelly Sequin is a 2015 graduate of New England College of Business with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

As a full-time mom and employee at Cape Cod Five Cents Savings Bank, Shelly worried that she'd never be able to achieve her goal of advancing her education. Night classes seemed daunting and unsuitable for her around-the-clock schedule.

Her perspective changed after having a conversation with a New England College of Business representative who attended one of her monthly work meetings, as her company is a corporate partner of the college. She learned that her hard-earned credits in nursing school would transfer to a new program, and that her employer would fund her education as long as she maintained a certain grade point average.

"I didn't even have a computer at home or know online education was an option," Shelly says." Even at my age, my manager encouraged me to enroll, and with the bank's educational benefit, I could afford it as well. That's how my educational path began."

The structured yet accessible course design helped her manage school work along with responsibilities at work and at home. She was able to keep track of what was expected of her and when, despite her busy schedule.

Shelly established relationships with fellow students and faculty members, expanding her network despite the fact that her courses were online. Her relationship with Professor Sandi Owen helped her grow professionally and personally, as Sandi encouraged her to continue her education after completing her Associate in Science in Business Administration degree.

"It was Sandi who inspired me to pursue my bachelor's," Shelly says." She explained the advantages of having a bachelor's degree and how it would benefit my career growth at the Cape Cod Five."

Having completed the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program, Shelly says she gained a new perspective in her career as well as a better understanding of how her work impacts the company as a whole. Had Cape Cod Five Cent Savings Bank not been a corporate partner, she might never have pursued her degree.

"I know what it takes to run the business and understand the big picture," she says." If the bank wasn't a corporate partner, I probably wouldn't have considered pursuing my education."

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