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5 Reasons To Take a Class for Professional Development

Today's business world is changing, and business professionals are changing with it. What you know today may not be true tomorrow. In fast-paced, evolving industries such as healthcare and finance, it's critical to stay on top of new policies, best practices, and trends in order to advance your career. Check out our Power of One infographic for more info on the benefits of taking a class for professional development:

5 Reasons To Take an Online Business Class for Professional Development

5 Reasons To Take a Class for Professional Development

How do you stay on top of your industry while balancing a full-time job, your family, and a social life? Online business classes for professional development can be flexible and affordable, while providing the relevant information you need to excel in your current position or a new career. Many online classes can be taken one at a time and require no long-term commitment. And if you already have a degree, taking an online business class is a great way to supplement and update your existing education.

Here are five reasons you should consider taking a class for professional development:

It's easy to get stuck in your day-to-day at the office. Whether it's been awhile since you left school, or you've worked in the same position for many years, there's no doubt things have changed in your industry. By taking a business class, you not only increase your individual knowledge base, but you have an opportunity to bring what you learn back to your coworkers.

Knowledge leads to confidence, and confidence leads to job satisfaction, which can lead to better performance. Taking a business class for professional development may make you feel more confident in your current position or as you interview for a new job. You can feel assured that you are up to date on your industry and have taken the next step in advancing your career.

Taking a class to increase your knowledge base shows initiative and dedication, two qualities companies look for in leaders. By doing do, you are showing your supervisor and others that you are ready to advance your career. Taking a class can be an especially important step for anyone looking for a promotion or who hopes to one day succeed a manager or supervisor. In a survey of recent New England College of Business graduates, 47 percent had received promotions or expanded responsibilities after taking business classes online.

How many minutes a day do you spend second-guessing yourself? Does it seem like you're always looking for information to make the right decision or to complete a task? With increased knowledge and confidence from taking a business class, don't be surprised if your productivity starts to improve, as well.

Education and training in areas such as policies and best practices in your industry can have an immediate and lasting impression on your productivity, but can also make you more effective in your position. Having gained knowledge of your industry and the confidence to share that knowledge, you may become a better contributor to projects and tasks. After taking a professional development class, you may find yourself solving problems and completing tasks in new and different ways. In fact, 97 percent of recent New England College of Business graduates reported that they performed better at their jobs as a result of their online business classes.

Ready to take an online class to advance your career in business? Learn more about online classes available from New England College of Business or call 800-997-1673 for more information.

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