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How to Multitask Effectively

How to Multitask Effectively

We all dream of becoming a multitasking master, able to complete tasks efficiently and effectively. But how can you get a few things done at once, and do each of them well? Like any other skill, the art of multitasking takes time to master. Here are some tips for learning to multitask the right way:

Practice makes perfect.
Take on the simple tasks first. This could be as straightforward as listening to the news as you check emails on the train ride to work. Gradually build up to doing more complex tasks that require a bit more concentration; for example, drafting a strategy memo while participating in a meeting. No matter how complex the tasks, check your work after you complete them to make sure your completed action items represent your best work.

Get organized.
At the start of each day, refine your to-do list and lump related tasks together. When possible, try to complete related tasks at the same time so that you don't get confused or overwhelmed.

Tap into the power of apps.
Sure, technology can be distracting at times. But it's also helped us make great strides in workplace productivity. Take advantage of the apps and platforms out there that make it easy to keep you and your company on track when you feel there are a million pieces to keep tabs on.

Know When to Multitask
As you embark on your journey toward multitasking mastery, remember that multitasking may not always be the best option for you. Sometimes, a task requires your undivided attention, and that's okay. Multitask wisely, thinking about when it will save you time without sacrificing quality. And, no matter how great you are at multitasking, don't be afraid to ask for help!

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