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Five Free Productivity Apps to Help you Excel at Work

Five Free Productivity Apps to Help you Excel at Work

Multitasking can be tough, even for millennials who are accustomed to having a phone in one hand and an iPad in another. While there never seems to be enough time during the day to get everything done, sometimes an app can keep you motivated and on track as you progress from task to task. Below are five productivity apps that professionals can use to be more effective and organized in the workplace:

  1. Evernote is an amazing tool, and, if used right, it will revolutionize your work day. The app provides a workspace that allows you to develop and store your notes, to-do lists, documents, files, images and much more on the cloud, ensuring all of your work is accessible on all of your devices.
    Available for: iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone
  2. Google Drive - Thinking about teamwork? Google Drive lets you create documents, spreadsheets and presentations that can be edited by multiple users simultaneously. A professional can store their documents and presentations in the Google cloud and access them from virtually anywhere.
    Available for: iOS and Android
  3. Contactually - As the business community continues to move into the digital space, so too will networking. Contactually helps you stay in touch with everyone, from former colleagues to current teammates, even someone whom you just met. You simply put your contacts into "buckets," and then decide when you want to follow up. The app does the rest by automatically creating follow-ups and letting you know the last time you spoke to the person.
    Available for: iOS and Android
  4. Focus Lock - Cell phones can be a constant source of distraction throughout the day, so sometimes you just need to lock away those disruptions. Focus Lock allows you to lock certain apps on your phone and set a timer for when they can be free. You can still field calls from coworkers, but maybe it’s time to stop checking Facebook and Instagram every 15 minutes.
    Available for: Android
  5. - Anyone who considers themselves productive at work is able to effectively plan days, weeks, or even months ahead. is a user-friendly planning tool that should be on every professional’s Monday morning routine. Users input their tasks into an easy-to-use interface which is then turned into a synchronized to-do list. Serious list makers want an app that supports their professional and personal goals, and does just that.
    Available for: iOS and Android

These are just a few of our favorites at New England College of Business. Which apps are supporting your productivity at work?Tell us on Twitter @NECBedu or share your favorites on our Facebook page!

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