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How I Got My Online Degree - Edson M. Fernandez

How I Got My Online Degree - Edson M. Fernandez

Graduation Date: September 2011

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA)

How I Paid for It: I paid through Financial Aid (FAFSA).

How Long It Took: I started in Jun 2010 and finished in Sep 2011.

What Else I Was Doing At The Same Time: In addition to being an online student at NECB, I worked full-time at Orkin Pest Control as an account manager. Generally, we do a lot of training nationwide, and I had to be constantly flying to different states.

When I Studied: I used to start generally in the evening (6pm to 10pm) participating in the discussion board and completing and submitting assignments on the weekend.

Where I Studied: Pretty much at home and many times in the hotel lobby when I was in training out of the state.

Most Challenging Part: Taking courses online was completely new to me. Also, English is not my native language. Overcoming those obstacles was a big challenge for me due to the fact that we have to do a lot of writing, reading, understanding essays and performing research papers. It was definitely was the most challenging part. But I did it!

Best Thing My Family Did To Help Me: My family was very supportive. We understood that to be successful would require dedication, determination, self-discipline and time management. I could not be finishing my degree without them.

What Kept Me Motivated: My family, especially my little one, who was born in May 2010. Also, my brother earned his doctoral degree on June 2011.

Highest Point: Getting to walk during my graduation with my family present was memorable and remarkable. Also, the Interpersonal and Organizational Communication course definitely was a highlight! A lack of communication is unhealthy and one mistake not being communicated creates a domino effect. It was one of my most challenging courses in college, but I did it!

Biggest Change In My Life Since Getting a Degree: I feel proud. I am a professional now.

My Next Big Challenge: To step up to a higher level in my organization or to find a better position in the marketplace. Also, I still have an eye on my MBA.

My favorite points about NECB are the learning environment, great support, outstanding instructors and professional staff.

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