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How I Got My Online Degree - Amanda Gleason

How I Got My Online Degree - Amanda Gleason

Graduation Date: October 2011

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

How I Paid For It: Federal Student Loans

How Long It Took: 2 years (2 previous years for my Associate's with another college) - 4 years total

What Else I Was Doing At The Same Time: I was working a full-time job with an hour commute each way while dealing with starting my life over after an unexpected divorce.

Where I Studied: I studied at night and on weekends and even during my lunch breaks at work. I even took study materials to doctor's appointments or other appointments and reviewed material while waiting for the appointment to start.

Most Challenging Part: I had a few challenging parts—trying to move forward and stay positive during personal issues and then having the power to decline social invites, etc., in face of getting the assignments completed on time. Also, handling group projects with ease and knowing that I couldn't be in charge of everything—I needed to let go and work as a team.

Best Thing My Family Did To Help Me: My family (especially my mom) offered me encouragement at each turn. If she found me sitting in the office frustrated over an assignment or disappointed in a grade, she would try her best to offer an alternative solution or cheer me up and tell me I should be so proud of myself for even taking on the challenge of returning to school.

What Kept Me Motivated: My internal power to succeed! I put a lot of my life on hold during my marriage and the decision for school was my way of taking life by the horns and succeeding fully. In addition, the degree progress report that kept counting down online, giving me the confidence of knowing that just a few more classes and I will have reached an ultimate accomplishment.

Highest Point: I think my highest point is going to come in June 2012 when I get to travel to Boston and walk across that stage and accept my bachelor's degree from NECB. Despite being 32 years old, the feeling of walking across that stage is amazing!

Biggest Change In My Life Since Getting a Degree: The biggest change in my life is my desire to not only go back to NECB for my master's degree, but to change career paths and utilize my degree.

My Next Big Challenge: My next big challenge is to pursue other career opportunities outside of my current arena (Executive Assistant) that will allow me to utilize my degree and continue to grow.

I have enjoyed every minute of my time at NECB and will take every opportunity to look to NECB for future educational support. Thank you to each professor, aide and office personnel for their support and confidence!

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