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Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Partnership with Business School Netherlands

Business School Netherlands (BSN) has partnered with Cambridge College Global to offer BSN students and alumni a significant tuition discount and an expedited path to earning a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. For non-native English-speaking students, a dual-language learning approach is offered through the BSN partnership.

Our Online Master of Business Administration is designed to produce strategic thinkers equipped for a global business environment. Online MBA students have the opportunity to gain relevant and actionable experience across a broad range of business topics and apply this knowledge to all facets of business. A concentration in international business is available for students in the Master of Business Administration online program to better prepare them for the global marketplace.

For a complete list of courses, download the curriculum worksheet. You may also view full course descriptions here.

Diploma Example

What You Will Learn in the Online MBA Program

This online MBA program is designed so that graduates gain confidence in their ability to:

  • Form and implement effective strategic plans in the context of global, political, social, and technological environments
  • Collaboratively lead diverse teams in changing work environments
  • Effectively use research and analyze data to solve unstructured business problems
  • Integrate theoretical perspectives and apply a conceptual understanding of relevant business disciplines to new, existing and unforeseen situations
  • Use technology to effectively communicate and present data, ideas, and concepts

“I see the bigger picture things that can make or break a company. Now I see it, and I feel more confident when I voice my opinion.”

David Heitzman, graduate

Is the Online MBA Program Right for You?

The MBA degree online program at Cambridge College Global is designed for the needs of middle- and senior-level managers who want to improve their professional skills and bolster their strategic capabilities.

Cambridge College Global online master's degree students come from a variety of business and non-business backgrounds, including engineering, healthcare, technology, finance, and consulting. Through our award-winning online learning environment, students are in constant interaction — which encourages professional networking, team-building, and cross-sector learning.

Chris Martins, MBA Graduate

I’m on the path to become a director at my next pay review. I’ve leveraged what I’m learning in the MBA program.

Chris Martins

General Admission Requirements

Acceptance decisions are made on a rolling basis throughout the year for our 8 graduate sessions. You can apply at any time and get a decision within days of submitting all required materials.

For more details, fill out the Request More Information form and an admission counselor will contact you. Your admission counselor can also help you explore financial options and walk you through the application process, which involves completing a graduate application and providing undergraduate transcripts.

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