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Medical Law & Ethics

Complimentary Course

Course Overview

In continued support of corporate training and development, Cambridge College Global (CCG) is pleased to offer, at no cost, Medical Law and Ethics (HCA 210), to employees in the healthcare field. Employees who successfully complete the course will receive a Certificate of Completion. Those who subsequently enroll in a CCG undergraduate degree program will also be awarded 3 credits toward the completion of the degree.

Course Description

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This course introduces legislation affecting healthcare, along with a review of issues such as professional liability, informed consent, privacy and security laws, and electronic health records. Additionally, a variety of ethical issues in healthcare are explored. This is an eight-week online course.

Course Outcomes

At the completion of this course, students should be able to:

  • Define both legal and ethical terms as used in healthcare.
  • Recognize the functions and distribution of responsibility between the federal, state andlocal governments pertinent to healthcare.
  • Identify the specific laws pertinent to healthcare professionals and facilities.
  • Examine the implications of violating the various healthcare laws.
  • Define fundamental healthcare ethical principles as they apply to all providers of careand services.

Upcoming Course Start Date

January 10*

* The availability of the free course offer is contingent upon sufficient enrollment to establish a minimum cohort.Current CCG students are not eligible. CCG reserves the right to cancel the free course offer at any time. There is norequired textbook. All readings are provided within the course. Limited space is available.


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