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Effective Public Speaking

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In this one-week, dual-modality course, we examine best practices in public speaking and offer two Zoom encounters to use your newly discovered skills.

By the end of the program, employees will be able to:

  • Establish the purpose for speaking and properly craft the message
  • Investigate the intended audience and apply appropriate level of verbiage to appeal to the attendees
  • Learn methods for dealing with speech-giving anxiety
  • Gain insightful tactics to use when things just simply go wrong during the speech
  • Outline steps to answer unexpected and difficult questions
  • Employ visual aides that enhance the speaker’s content

1-Week Seminar Series

April 19 - 26, June 14 - 21
Monday 9am - 11am EDT

Tina Callaway

Our program presenter is Dr. Tina Callaway, an NEIB Program Chair and Professor in the MHM, BSBA, BSHCA, ASBA, and ASHCA programs.

Dr. Callaway has a EdD in Education with a focus on Professional Leadership, Inquiry, and Transformation, and over 20 years’ experience in the corporate and healthcare environment including training, human resources, and management.

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