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Build A Strong Foundation With An Online Bachelor’s Degree

Our Online Bachelor’s Degree programs develop critical thinking and communication skills while cementing your knowledge of business fundamentals.

Bachelor of Arts in Multidisciplinary Studies Bachelor’s Degree

Maximize your choices and career path with a customizable program and exposure to multiple subjects, while also gaining a solid general education foundation.

Bachelor of Science in Accounting Bachelor’s Degree

The Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree offers students both exposure to key theoretical constructs and immersion in hands-on application of those theories in practice.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Bachelor’s Degree

Hone critical thinking and communication skills and gain a sound understanding of business fundamentals you can apply to a wide variety of business careers.

Bachelor of Science in Digital Marketing Bachelor’s Degree

Develop digital marketing expertise via mobile devices, social networks, and the Web to engage audiences, sell products, and grow companies.

Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration Bachelor’s Degree

The online bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration program is designed to prepare students to launch careers in today’s competitive market.

Bachelor of Science in Quality Systems and Improvement Management Bachelor’s Degree

Acquire the critical knowledge and skills to analyze business practices, create comprehensive plans focused on tangible return on investment and measure the effectiveness and efficiency of these plans.

Bachelor of Science in Social Entrepreneurship Management Bachelor’s Degree

The Bachelor of Science in Social Enterprise Management gives graduates the foundation they need to innovate, lead, and succeed in the world of social good.
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