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Vivian M. Hatziyannis

Vivian M. Hatziyannis


How I Might Be Able to Assist

Contact me with for questions or information on questions on Economics, or other business related topics.

Professional Projects or Initiatives of Interest

As an educator I am involved in many projects related to my discipline over the School of Management at University of Massachusetts, Boston. I am involved in technology in education and I work closely with blackboard experts and course designers. I participate in faculty meetings and I am a team player in course development and curriculum outcomes and objectives.



MA - Tufts University - Econometrics
BA - Boston University - Economics/MIS

Courses Taught at CCG

Macro & Micro
Economics and Society
International Economics
Financial Literacy
Managing Innovation & Technology

Professional Experience

I am a Fidelity Management & Research employee and I worked there for a long time before switching to education full time. I worked closely in research with the fund managers in econometric research and graphical applications. I was at Fidelity during the micro computer evolution and worked to train staff on using the Micro computer and applications. I became a computer trainer very fast after that.

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