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John Min

John Min

How I Might Be Able to Assist

Contact me with for questions or information on starting a start up in the financial industry. I have worked on three successful start up businesses in the past 10 years and look forward to starting my 4th venture soon. As a former FX trader, I continue to study and follow global finance and economics.

Professional Projects or Initiatives of Interest

Teaching Economics, National Science Foundation Grant Working on identifying best practices for teaching economics NOVAHonors, Northern Virginia Community College
Founded and manage a non-profit to promote student internship opportunities Researchm Personal
Explore latest research in neuro-economics and finance.



Doctor of Philosophy, George Mason University, Economics (2003)
Masters of Business Administration, George Washington University, International Business (1992)
Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, George Washington University, Political Science (1987)

Courses Taught at CCG

MBA 525 Managerial Economics
MSF 500 Financial Markets
MSF 501 Financial Markets & Institutions
MSF 505 Managerial Finance
MSF 540 International Finance

Professional Experience

World First US, Founder & Chief Economist (2012-15)
Established and managed an international payments business
Payment Metrics, General Partner (2007-12)
Conducted sales training focusing on financial industry
Ruesch International, Vice President of Sales (1992-2006)
Managed FX corporate sale efforts of 150 consultants

Publications and Lectures

Min, J. (2016). What You Need to Know About FX? Presented at Tempus Consulting, Washington D.C.

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